Original Fiction

A Bone Story by Will (12/14/2010)

A Love Story About a Cat by Olivia (2/8/2011)
A Love Story About Harry Potter by Devyn (2/8/2011)
A Love Story About a DS by Lenny (2/8/2011)
A Love Story About Cookies by Will (2/8/2011)
A Love Story About... by Madison (2/8/2011)

Lookout Hill by Olivia (3/8/2011)
My Stupid Self by Will (3/8/2011)
Am I... by Devyn (3/8/2011)

Double Crazy Twice by Amber (3/15/2011)

National Library Week
The Bike by Madeline (4/12/2011)
The Message? by Allison (4/12/2011)
Dear Maddline by Amber (4/12/2011)
The Treasure by Abigail (4/12/2011)

Mr. Linden's Library by Imaan (10/25/2011)