Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Am I... by Devyn

"It was the wrong house.  I walked in and slung my bookbag and coat on the loveseat.  I started to feel hungry, so I looked in the sweets stash, hoping to find a Boston Cream Roll, or a Twinkie, or something of that sort.  I looked in and couldn't believe my very eyes.

I saw sweet upon sweet upon sweet.  It was indescribable.  I took the entire sweet stash, laid on the loveseat, and started munching.  And munching.  And munching.  Then...all of it was gone.

Just five minutes later, a plump man with a large, bushy white beard, carrying a handful of live, freshly caught catfish and a lot of fishing gear burst through the door screaming, "OUT OUT OUT NOW OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!" 

I scampered out the door, thinking, "Am I in the wrong neighborhood?  Am I in the wrong house?"  Then I went into the house with the address of: 6723 Grintfield Lane instead of the one labled: 6723 Mayfield Lane."

"O.K.  Miss Joel, you're free to go home.  Next, Mr. William Billius Hanters..." said Chief Thorne.

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