Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Message? by Allison

Dear Starla,

It was a dark peaceful night.  I was walking into Dunlap while texting, and I heard music.  It was VERY close.  I could feel the vibrations from it.  I look to the right, and I see the library, and all the windows had green, blue, purple, and pink lights glowing out of them.  I walked to the front door and opened it.  The music was great.  I ran to the food table after my three second tour of the place.

There was junk food of all kinds.  I started to dance.  I don't know ho wlong I danced, but I went for more food when my phone rang.  I went into the bathroom.  To my surprise it was quiet.  I answered my phone, and it was my mom.  She asked where I was and that is was 3:00 a.m.  I said I was at a friend's house and lost track of time.  I walked home with a text message from someone named Darlene...

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