Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Love Story About Harry Potter by Devyn

Devyn participated in Dunlap Public Library's February Young Author Club for 3-5 graders.  In honor of Valentine's Day, she wrote this love story for the blog.

I love Harry Potter, but I don't love Twilight.  I mean, Harry Potter's got wands, spells, villians, and Emma Watson.  Who can make a movie better than Harry Potter?  Anyway, that's not the reason of anything.  I, secretly, am a wizard.  My true name is not Devyn.  It's Luna Lovegood Jr.  I also went to Twilight.  It was terrible.  So confusing.  My name there is Vivian Malers.  (Secretly, I always want to be called Luna Lovegood Jr., but I must always be called Devyn, or else I'll get expelled, or at least suspended, from Hogwarts.  But I don't care about Twilight, because Harry Potter is awesome!

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