Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Stupid Self by Will

It was the wrong house.  I mean, the wrong tree house.  A Persin can't live in the wrong tree.  I needed to get out.  Fast!  So I headed for the exit when Beedrill stopped me.  I braced myself, but nothing happened.  He said, "You need a pass code." 

So I touch one from another Bedrill.  I put it in and the Beedrill let me go.  It turns out he was blind.

I said, "I RICKED MY LIFE TO GET A CARD FOR A BLIND BEEDRILL!  How dumb can I get?  At least I'm out of here.  All I have to do is find my home."

2 months later...

Hey, these are my tracks.  Wait a sec.  STUPID!  STUPID!  STUPID!  I'm going in circles.  My home!

BOOM.  Craaack.  Oops.  AHHHHHHH.

Come back here, you brat!  You destroyed our home!  You can see your body in the tree!

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