Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Bone Story

Will is a regular attender of the library's 3-5 Grade Young Author Club, and today he wrote a story specifically for this blog:

Fone Bone, Smiley, and Phoney were out in the woods with a rat creature scout.  They were on a scavenger hunt to find a rat creature tooth.  Suddenly King Dok jumped out of the trees with an army of rat creatures.  They ran back to the house and grabbed Thorn.  They went in the basement with Luics and Gran'ma Ben.  But that wouldn't stop King Dok and his army.  They tore open the windows, jumped in the house, and broke the door.  But they could not find the basement.  The head rat creature told King Dok they could not find the basement, so King Dok went in and found the basement.  They broke in. 

However, they had a secret door, so they got out and ran for teh Bone's home town, Boneville.  But a rat creature picked up their scent.  So when they found them they attacked them.  They dashed off, and Fone Bone called for the dragon.  When he came he fought King Dok.  It was a battle to the finish.  The dragon won!  So they celebrated.

The End.

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