Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Love Story about a Cat by Olivia

Olivia participated in Dunlap Public Library's February Young Author Club for 3-5 graders.  In honor of Valentine's Day, she wrote this love story for the blog.

I love my cat, but he loves my feet.  My cat's name is Sanddune 'cause he has yellow fur with stripes that looks like patterns in sand.  One alert-fiesty-cat evening, I was walking up the stairs when Sanddune burst out of nowhere and grabbed my leg.  I shook him off, but he just grabbed me again.  His teeth don't hurt and we got him declawed.  I finally got in bed and spent the night sleeping with a cat on my feet, biting my toes at everyone movement.

P.S.  He was cute, though.

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