Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Double Crazy Twice by Amber

My dad is working on a car.  I asked what he was going to put on the car and he said nothing.  So I thought he couldn't hear, so I asked louder, and he said, "METAL."  I said yes, I know you put metal on a car.  I asked what is going inside.  He said metal, metal, and more metal.  Okay, so my dad's making an all metal car.

So I went to my mom and asked what she was making and she said, "METAL."  I think I am going crazy, because when I went to my brother and asked what he was looking at, he said, "METAL."  Everything I hear is "METAL."  It's crazy.  So I called my friend to tell her and all she said through the whole conversation was, "METAL." 

So I woke up this morning, went downstairs, asked mom what's for breakfast, and she said, "Vacuum bottle."  What in the world is a vacuum bottle?  So then I went to my dad and asked what is he eating, and he said, "Vacuum bottle."

Oh now, I am going double crazy.  Yesterday it was "METAL" and today it is "vacuum bottle."  I think I am going to die.  So I called my doctor and you know what he said?  "Vacuum bottle metal."  So I just hung up and took my crazy little body to bed.

When I woke up, I asked my mom what we were having and she said, "Pithecanthropus."  Holy Higgenbottoms, what is that?  So I asked my dad what he was eating and he said, "Pithecanthropus."  Ok, I am officially going triple crazy.  So I called my mom's doctor and you know what he said?  "Pithecanthropus vacuum bottle metal."  So I give up on everything, all these big words.

When I wake up and another word comes along, no, I need a different way to handle this because if I don't, I am definitely going to die.  It happened again, except the word was "Italinate."  Um, not so weird.  So I guess I'm going double crazy twice.  So I called my dad's doctor and you know what he said?  "Italinate pithecanthropus vacuum bottle metal."  That's not weird, right?  So I made a plan.

I asked my mom for an "Italinate," and she looked at me like I was going mad.  I give up.

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