Thursday, June 30, 2011

Magician David Casas

I am a huge sucker for magic.  Part of me desperately wants to know how the sleight-of-hand works, but the rest of me is happy to be reduced to an open-mouthed simpleton, grinning a "WHAT!?" of disbelief.

David Casas delivered plenty of magic tricks that made me look ridiculous, jaw dropped down to the floor.  And really, what good is magic if it isn't, well, magical?

First there were birds appearing out of thin air (or rather, out of bits of cloth).

Then there were volunteers who refused to be cut in half, who counted to three in Chinese, and who boldly dared to master card tricks and card flips.

And finally, what is a magic show without an escape from a straightjacket? Worthless. Thankfully, David Casas ended his show with a bang and a laugh. And even though I'd already seen him perform this escape, I seriously worried for his success. But don't worry, he got out.

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  1. Don't forget to practice the "Rice Krispie" card trick :) Great write up!