Friday, June 17, 2011

Questor the Jester

Once upon a time, there was a court jester who could not make his king laugh.

He recruited help, but the first boy to volunteer didn't last long.

A girl agreed to make the king laugh, but she and the jester just couldn't connect.

Another boy mocked the jester mercilessly, though he eventually obeyed and carried himself away from the king's court.

Single acts wouldn't cut it.  So the jester recruited the Five Burritos to primp and pose for the king.

It worked!  The king laughed, but an unfortunate consequence occurred.  The king sent the jester and the Five Burritos through the Velcro Valley to find a map to the dragon's lair.

Baobob and Baobob were extremely grumpy.  They wouldn't give the map to the jester and the Five Burritos even when presented with a delicious fish/salt/mac 'n' cheese/chicken stew.  Undeterred, the jester stole the map out of Baobob the Wizard's hat.

The jester approached the dragon's lair....

...and ran away in fright.  How would the jester and the Five Burritos conquer the dragon?

Through laughter, of course.  And what is funnier than a Five Burrito Pyramid?

Well, maybe a sword juggling trick.

The dragon was won over by the power of laughter.  So much so that she joined the jester in a lifetime routine of comedy, ensuring laughter in the kingdom for years to come. 

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