Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prime Baby by Gene Luen Yang

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Thaddeus doesn’t like his new sister (she’s not that smart— and she gets all the attention). He likes her even less when he discovers that she’s an inter-dimensional conduit for peace-loving aliens (who are totally lame—all they want to do is knit socks for the homeless and have sing-a-longs!). But what’s even worse is that no one will believe him about any of this! How is he ever going manage to grow up to become the President of Earth?


This was my least favorite of Yang's books.  There were some cute moments, but overall, it didn't leave me feeling like I'd learned anything about life the way his works usually do.

Things I liked:  the aliens!  They are adorable, and I am totally in favor of their planetary takeover.  The scene where they are mad at Thaddeus for tricking them, then immediately assure him that they forgive him was brilliant.  And I liked the fact that his sister really WAS an alien conduit.  That was the exact opposite of what I expected.  And Thaddeus's decision at the end was pretty touching.

However.  Thaddeus himself was my biggest dislike.  He is arrogant and dismissive of others.  And even though he learns to love his little sister....he still remains arrogant and dismissive.  There wasn't a whole lot of character development.

Three out of five space pods.

Release Date: April 2010
Reading Level: Grade 7+
Where In Dunlap Public Library's Collection:  Not currently a part of our collection.

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