Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mirror Mirror by Marilyn Singer

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There are two sides to every story, from the princess and the frong, to the beauty and the beast, to Sleeping Beauty and that charming prince.

Now, in a unique collection of reversible verse, classic fairy tales are turned on their heads.  Literally.  Read these clever poems from top to bottom.  Then reverse the lines nad read from bottom to top to give these well-loved stories a delicious new spin.

Witty, irreverent, and exquisitely illustrated, this unique collection holds a cheeky mirror up to language and fairy tales, and renews the magic of both.


I remember the first time I saw a poem reversed--with a new and completely opposite meaning!  I thought it was magic and could only happen once.  Turns out Singer has written a whole book of them!  I love fairy tales, and I love creativity, so of course this was right up my alley.

First, the dual-pictures that accompany each set of poems are absolutely stunning!  Worth it just for those.

On to the poems.  I'll admit that a couple of them didn't strike me as all too impressive.  But the majority were very good.  It's fun to see a classic fairy tale from opposing perspectives, and the snarkiness that ususally accompanies this was wonderful.  I especially liked "Longing for Beauty" and "The Sleeping Beauty and the Wide-Awake Prince."  Because I don't think you can really appreciate the coolness of this poetry form without experiencing it, I'll let you read the latter here.

Hacking through briars,
looking for love--
the prince at work.
But I have to be
out in the world.
It's no fun being
in a fairy tale.

In a fairy tale
it's no fun being
out in the world,
never sleeping.
But I have to be
the prince at work,
looking for love,
hacking through briars.

Four out of five doubtful ducklings.

Release Date:  March 2010
Reading Level: Grade 2+
Where In Dunlap Public Library's Collection: BLUESTEM

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  1. Whoa - I really didn't gt what you were talking about at first, but that example poem made me want to run out and find this one! How creative!!