Thursday, April 28, 2011

Earth Day Make & Take

I'll be honest.  I love recyclable craft days because I don't have to plan anything.  I simply scour my closet for excess crafty type things, set them up, and let the kids do all the work.  But even though the simplicity is nice for my brain, I also love it because these kids come up with some truly fantastic creations.  With boxes, paper, and oddball objects, they made Easter cards, box stages, and some things too awesome to be labeled. 
And bonus, we did this for Earth Day, and of course one of the Rs is "reuse."  What better way to reuse something useless than to make it into a work of art?  No better way, I'm sure.

Pictures below the cut!  You're going to want to look, because some of them are the most adorable things to ever adorable.

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