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Fruits Basket Vol. 6 by Natsuki Takaya

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Delving into the recesses of Kyo's past, we find the Sohma trio returning home on a rainy day.  There, a mysterious man who has known Kyo for a long time meets them.  Trust, loyalty, and the bonds of family and friendship are tested, as Tohru must help Kyo deal with the "monsters" that he's been trying to avoid.


Hurray!  We got to Kyo's deep dark secret!  (This was the last story in the anime series, but stories that must come later in the manga had already occurred in the I'm not quite caught up to new material in the manga, I guess.)

My feelings for Kyo are not secret.  I love him.  And I realized why!  Although both he and Yuki have horrible pasts in which they were hurt and abused, I adore Kyo and only tolerate Yuki.  I think this is because Kyo is extremely honest and open with his feelings of hurt and anger, while Yuki lets his dark feelings simmer behind a happy smile.  That is creepy, my friends.  I prefer guys who are honest.

And I prefer heroines who are honest, which is what enables Tohru to save the day.  I loved that the secret needed to be addresses, and that it was necessary for Kyo to hear that yes, it was not a great thing.  But even though Tohru is scared, she still chooses to care for him.  That hug!  Guh.  OTP, obviously.

Because each volume has five episodes, there was another episode after all that drama in which Tohru and Yuki go to Ayame's fantasy shop.  It was nice to see Yuki connect to his brother after Kyo connected to Tohru.  These crazy messed up kids are starting to reach out and trust other people!  Yay!  I really love how dark this series is beneath its happy exterior.  Layers are a story's friend.

Five out of five beaded bracelets.

Release Date:  December 2004
Reading Level:  Grade 7+
Where In Dunlap Public Library's Collection: Not currently part of Dunlap's collection.

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