Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Prediction: Demon's Surrender

Sarah Rees Brennan is one of those awesome authors who write not only in novels, but in a blog!  She is hilarious and insightful, but also?  She writes short stories set within the Demon's Lexicon 'verse, and they are free!  A new one just came out to celebrate the paperback release of Demon's Covenant.  And after reading it, I felt like I needed somewhere to make my shipping predictions before the series finale is released in June.

I feel like it is painfully obvious who will end up together, but there seems to be a lot of disagreement in the interwebs, so maybe I'm missing something.  In two months, we will see!

I predict these people will be couples by the end:

1)  Nick and Mae
2)  Alan and Sin
3)  Jamie and Seb

Above, I said it was painfully obvious, because, well, these are not the couples I want!  Here are the couples I'm rooting for:

1)  Jamie and Gerald
2)  Alan and Mae
3)  Nick and Sin

Alright.  Consider this time-capsuled until June 14th.


  1. I have to disagree with your shipping - how could you not want Nick/Mae! :p. I loved them both in Covenant. I feel extremely nervous about Surrender though - I never connected with Sin much and since the entire book is from her POV, I'm worried we're going to miss out on all the awesomeness that was the Ryves brothers and the Crawford siblings. It won't be the same :/.

  2. I always tend to root for the ships that aren't supported in canon. I may or may not be a reading masochist. :) But really, it isn't so much that I DON'T want Nick and Me to end up together as I WANT Alan and Mae to end up together. I love Alan, and I want him to get what he wants. I feel like he is always shunted to the side, and sure, he's a lying liar who lies, but...I like him!

    I used to share your apprehension about The Demon's Surrender being from Sin's POV, but Sarah Rees Brennan releases cookies from her new book each month, and they have convinced me that the Ryves and Crawford siblings will still be front and center. You should definitely check out her blog at