Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reading Rant: Spoilers

I am not the sort of reader who flips to the back of the book first to see how everything ends.  I'm the sort who will plug my ears and desperately sing "LA LA LA LA" when I overhear someone talking about a book I haven't read.

Today I checked in the sequel to a book I'm reading.  Devil's Kiss is really unique, spinning the supernatural trend into something new and unexpected.  So when its sequel, Dark Goddess, crossed my desk, I couldn't help but smile fondly at its cover.  Then, against my better judgment, I flipped it open and glanced at the book jacket.

The very first sentence gave away a hugely important event of the first book!!  AGH!  Why would a publisher do that?  I get that it's the second book, but don't people sometimes check out the jackets of the whole series before reading the first?  You don't just throw around character deaths all willy nilly.

Ugh.  I'm still excited to finish Devil's Kiss, but it won't be nearly as awesome anymore.  *le sigh*

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