Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe by Bryan Lee O'Malley

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The world is not enough.  Why did he have to turn twenty-four?  Why do robots keep trying to kill him?  Why is the band falling apart?  Why is Ramona acting so weird?  Why won't those brillant and deadly Japanese twins leave him alone?  See Scott Pilgrim learn the answers inside...or die trying!


Reading about Scott complain about themed parties made me want to go to a themed party.

Things I liked:  Knives and Ramona finally realizing Scott cheated on them and confronting him with how not-okay that is.  The random battles with robots always taking place in the background.  Everything with Wallace because he is funny.  The abundance of Kim!  I like Kim a lot.

Things I didn't like:  The Japanese twins, and how the evil exes are having less and less personality.  Scott's inability to be mature about anything ever.

Even though there are more things I liked than disliked quantitatively....I'm still going to have to say I was overall disappointed.  And you know what?  It's pretty much all Scott's fault.  I just don't care about him anymore, so even when his story is funny or whatever, it lacks meaning for me. 

Three out of five Day of the Dead parties.

Release Date: February 2009
Reading Level: Grade 9+
Where In Dunlap Public Library's Collection: Not currently part of Dunlap's collection.

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