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Flora's Dare by Ysabeau S. Wilce

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Flora Fyrdraaca wants nothing more than to become a ranger, but first she must master the magickal--and dangerous--language of Gramatica.  Such mastery will depend on expert instruction, unflinching confidence, and luck.  Even if Flora can muster up the first two, luck is not a hallmark of the Fyrdraaca family.

And when the world Flora knows begin to crumble around her, her aspirations are sorely tested.  Would a true ranger be intimidated by a vast tentacle crawling from the depths of a toilet?  Be daunted by the mysterious powers of a pair of sparkly red boots?  Be dismayed by the news that only she can stop the earthquakes threatening the city of Califa's survival?


Or, at least, probably not.

Saving her city is what any good ranger would do.  Flora expects her mission to be difficult and perilous.  Yet what this Girl of Spirit does not expect are the life-altering revelations that force her to ask the question:

Who is Flora Fyrdraaca?


Another excellent story of adventure, family, danger, secrets, and a little bit of romance.  I love the Flora books to a ridiculous degree.  The Spanish-fantasy world blows my mind.  Flora, with her too-tight stays and penchant for eating when stressed, is a fantastic heroine in our world of stick-skinny role models.  The characters are wonderfully flawed, some horrible things happen, and some wonderful moments make up for them.

Lord Axacaya is a wonderful hero/villain.  Valefor returns, and is his selfish fantastic self.  Poppy is sober and a little bit scary, and I still love him a lot a lot.  Udo is a silly boy, but Flora and I have a total crush on him.  However, male-shaped distractions are not going to stop Flora from saving her family and her city!

Which is a big part of why this book is awesome.

Please, oh please, let's have another Flora adventure, Wilce?

Five out of five egregores of the ninth order.

Release Date: September 2008
Reading Level: Grade 8+
Where In Dunlap Public Library's Collection: YPL WIL

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