Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bone: Eyes of the Storm by Jeff Smith

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Life in the valley isn't getting any easier for the Bones and their newfound friends.  Lucius, Smiley, and Phoney are attacked by the rat creatures and barely make it back to Lucius's tavern.  Then it doesn't take long before Phoney is back to his old tricks.

Back at the farm, Fone Bone and Thorn are troubled by strange dreams, and Gran'ma Ben's reaction is stranger still: She reveals long-kept secrets and unexpected dangers.  In fact, they may have to leave the farm forever.


Yay!  Hidden identities!  Mysterious dreams!  A repeated symbol!  Volume 3 had all the makings of the beginning of a really good mythology.  I'm officially excited to find out how this will all come together.

The fact that Fone Bone's favorite book is Moby Dick cracks me up, especially since he likes it to the point of dreaming about it.  Will more be made of this, or is it a nice way of telling readers that the classics can be beloved too?

I haven't talked a whole lot about the artwork that Smith does, but wow is it good.  Emotions are plain, and settings are beautiful.  Sun or rain looks equally believable.  I like when comic creators use the comic format to really heighten the story (I know, this should be the case in all comic books, but few actually jump out at as "of course this story ought to be told in comic format!")....Okay, I lost my sentence.  I liked the scene of Gran'ma Ben, Thorn, and Fone Bone hiding in the forest, the background dark in the rain.  Lightning strikes, illuminating dozens of rat creatures lurking behind them, searching.  Then the background goes dark again as teh lightning fades. 


Four out of five bartending bets.

Release Date: February 2006
Reading Level: Grade 4+
Where In Dunlap Public Library's Collection: GRAPHIC SMI

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