Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Storm Runners: The Surge by Roland Smith

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Chase Masters and his father are storm chasers.

He and his friends Nicole and Rashawn have just survived Hurricane Emily, the storm of the century, but their troubles are just beginning.  Although they've made it to the safety of Nicole's family's farm--the winter home of the Rossi Brothers' Circus--the floodwaters are rising, and they need to reach higher ground.  The circus's lions have escaped their cages, and a dangerous and unpredictable leopard is also on the loose.  Have Chase and his friends lived through a terrifying night only to face a new disaster?


I would have liked this sequel a lot more if both stories had been published as one book.  They are extremely short books, and it literally cuts the action in two, so I don't see why someone decided to make this two books.  It was hard for me to jump right back into the horror of surviving a hurricane, and it took me a few chapters to remember who everyone was.  Even then, I didn't really have time to remember to care about anyone before the book was over.

If Storm Runners and Storm Runners: The Surge had been published together, I probably would have found it more enjoyable.  I remember being so freaked at the end of the first book when the leopard made a quick appearance outside its cage.  So I should have loved seeing Chase and Nicole and Rashawn outwit both a leopard and a lion.  But--there was so little emotion.  I nearly missed the paragraph where a lion attacks Chase because it was written so sparsely. 

And really?  Chase is THAT much of a genius?  And kids who have never been trained in storm survival make such great choices and randomly call elephants "pachyderms"?  I don't believe it. 

That's just Chase's side of the story.  I found his father's rambling attempts to find Chase pretty boring.  And unnecessary. 

The more I wrote, the more I realize how much I disliked this book.  Sad.

Two out of five Pocos.

Release Date: September 2011
Reading Level: Grade 3+
Where In Dunlap Public Library's Collection: YPL SMI

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